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The DJ Boy Wonder

DJ EJ (Emmanuel Straws), is KC’s premier teen dj at just 13 years old. He comes by his talents naturally having been raised by one of KC’s hottest DJ’s, DJ Joe (Joseph Straws III). His love of music started as a toddler, and added to his endless desire to entertain, DJ EJ has been a star since day one. Once he got his hands on a controller, the rest was magic. From spinning tunes for Children’s Mercy, to rocking out in silence at KC Irish Fest, DJ EJ is leaving his mark all over the metro. 

DJ EJ is part of an elite team of DJ’s, all in the same family - his dad (DJ Joe), his bonus mom (DJ Ice Kole), and his brother (DJ On10) are all talented and include him in as many shows as the city will allow. This is his first year hitting the Boulevardia stage, but it surely won’t be his last.


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